How Much Money Do Local News Anchors Make?
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How Much Money Do Local News Anchors Make?

by Eric

How Much Money Do Local News Anchors Make?

In the information era, news broadcasting has suffered as viewers increasingly resort to digital platforms rather than Fox, CNN, or other “alphabet” TV news networks for their news.

However, being a news anchor in 2019 is still a successful career, particularly if you work in television and represent one of the major media broadcasters.

There are many factors pertaining to how much a local news anchor makes. It doesn’t all depend on how much glory, you have received, however, that does help. There are circumstances that you need to take into account. If you are looking for a future in journalism, becoming a news anchor may be a good starting point. But the salary of these news anchors varies depending upon how long they have been in the business and the degrees that they have. The accolades and awards that you have received also play into it. If you want to know how much does a news anchor make, read further.


This should come as no surprise that the level of education that you have, plays an important role in terms of how much you will be making. If you have a proper degree, the chances of you becoming a legitimate anchor simply grow.

There are some schools that offer a newsroom or a school newspaper that allows you to refine your abilities in a way that will give you the relevant skills that you may need in the future if you want a future in journalism. Important degrees that can help include a bachelor’s in journalism. You may also get a degree in the communication arts. Even a bachelor’s degree in sociology can get you very far because of the research papers that you will have to do.


It is important to keep in mind that making a certain amount of money can vary from industry to industry. If you are a sports reporter, there will be a certain amount of involvement in the games that are going on. Read more about Which newspaper features distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings” instead of actual photos?

It requires a lot of in-person vigilance. This may allow you to get paid more than usual because it completely submerges in your everyday life. Reporters always spend time looking for a new scoop because that is what is paying their bills. There are travel journalists as well who spend a good part of their life traveling from destination to destination. Travel journalism is a good field to get into if you look for experiences and such.


As mentioned before, the amount of experience that you have in a certain field can definitely help. If you are just starting off in the field of journalism the chances of being paid a lot is little to none. The more projects that you take on will make you visible to the directors and earn you a name in the field.

You will have to make an effort to make your place in the community because officials often tend to rely on experienced employees for directing projects. There are points when you might even have to ask for work because they may be giving you layman jobs. “How much does a news anchor make” is an important question to ask when it comes down to experience.


The city that you are working within may also have a certain effect on your growth. If you work in smaller cities situated in rural areas, there isn’t much that is happening for you to report. You won’t have that much work to do to be paid in high numbers.

However, in contrast to this, you have bigger cities where the situation of the current event is much more happening and constant. The job of a journalist in these cities is highly busy. This makes them more viable for the pays that they are receiving. Even so, in bigger cities, there are more opportunities and people reach a higher level at a much quicker pace. The best way is to earn experience in a smaller city and show the employers the relevant portfolios that you have made over the years. A good portfolio will only get you so far in a big city, but it will only get you so far.


The growth of a journalist can become quite stagnant if you do pay attention to the quality of your work. However, even if you are an excellent journalist, your job is becoming more and more obsolete. People in the news field often rely on online sources for their news.

It is becoming less and less common for people to get their news from cable TV. If you do want to become a local news anchor, making an online platform for yourself is the best way to succeed. You can start a news channel for yourself on YouTube or any other similar site. If your news sources are cited and it is accurate, people will start coming to you for the news. You may also have a certain level of job security. However, the quality of your work will dictate how much money you are making.


If you want to know how much does a news anchor makes, there are external factors that depend upon how much money you are making. The news channel that you work in will have a significant effect on the work that you are doing.

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