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How Do Solitaire Engagement Rings Stack Up?

by REX

A diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of marriage and romance, and it’s easy to see why. A solitaire engagement ring features just one diamond, usually with several smaller diamonds set around it to amplify its sparkle, making it an elegant choice for the woman who wants her engagement ring to stand out from all others. But are solitaire engagement rings any better than other styles of engagement rings? Let’s explore how they stack up against other engagement rings…

The Diamond

No two diamonds are exactly alike. Each diamond is unique and has its identifying features such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The first step in purchasing a diamond or jewelry is to select that one perfect stone that speaks to you, which can take anywhere from an hour to several days. Then move on to deciding what type of setting you would like it placed in; be sure to choose something that compliments your stone instead of taking away from it. Keep in mind these steps should not be taken lightly as they are your chance to create memories that will last forever.

It’s also important to remember that diamonds are not created equal, and each diamond is graded according to its cut, color, and clarity. The cut determines how much light enters your stone and refracts through it; all else being equal, an expertly cut diamond will shine more than one that is poorly shaped. Color, on a scale from D to Z, is determined by how noticeable flaws such as inclusions are when they’re exposed to light. Clarity on a scale from FL (flawless) to I3 (imperfect), which includes visible inclusions or blemishes.

The Setting

The setting is one of four main components of an engagement ring and arguably makes it special. Other key factors include cut, clarity, and carat size. But when you’re thinking about how to set your money aside for an engagement ring purchase—especially if you’re setting aside a fairly significant amount—you want to make sure that you don’t get overly hung up on one or two aspects of your choice at the expense of all others.

A gorgeous princess-cut diamond can be stunning in its own right, but it might not reflect the message you’re trying to send with your proposal (or maybe even fit into her existing jewelry collection). Whether you see yourself going modern with a minimalist halo design or something more traditional with pavé diamonds encircling a round center stone, remember that there are plenty of options out there beyond just solitaire.

Why Go With a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

The classic solitaire ring is simple, timeless, and classy. It looks great with any outfit and never goes out of style. Best of all, it costs much less than many other diamond-filled options because it’s such a classic style. If you’re looking for an affordable and elegant option for your beloved, we recommend going with a solitaire ring. Not only will it be more affordable, but she’ll love how unique her piece of jewelry is! Have fun picking out her new solitaire ring today!

When it comes to sparkle and overall style, there are plenty of reasons why a solitaire engagement ring can easily compete with its fancier counterparts. As we mentioned above, affordability is one major advantage that comes with choosing a solitaire diamond over other styles; however, what if you have plenty of money to throw around? What then? Well… Let’s start by saying that more diamonds mean more sparkle—the bigger (and rarer) the gemstone on your side (or her side!) typically means you get better value per carat in terms of shine.

For Engaged Couples on a Budget

Jewelry is one of those areas where people can spend way more than they originally planned, but you still want to get something nice. If you’re not sure how much to spend on an engagement ring. You can check out our post about how much should I spend on an engagement ring? But if it’s at all possible, consider going with a low-cost alternative like a brilliant-cut diamond or even silver—it might be less expensive in the long run. Generally speaking, expect to spend between 2% and 5% of your income (including both partners) on an engagement ring. When you get married during your early 30s (roughly between age 25 and 30). The percentage drops as incomes increase into higher ranges.


Solitaire engagement rings are becoming more and more popular for weddings. After all, what’s more, precious than just one diamond? The fact that it’s easy to wear makes it perfect for every day. But in comparison to other types of engagements, do they hold up as well? The answer is yes. Solitaire diamonds are timelessly beautiful and can be paired with any outfit or occasion! They may be small, but they make a statement on their own.

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