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Hire a Local Marketing Agency to Grow on Internet

by Eric

There’s no business today that isn’t jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon. A successful marketing plan is fuelled by a cohesive think-tank. They bring together the best practices in the industry with the current trends in digital marketing. This is then matched with your digital goals to create a winning digital marketing strategy for your business.

In essence, it all boils down to engaging the right digital marketing company in Bangalore. The subsequent steps flow from their understanding and expertise. In a sea of digital marketing novices and experts, how do you find your perfect fit? If engaging the best-suited local digital marketing company is on your mind, we’ve just made it easier.

Here are six ways you can find and discover your very own digital marketing ninjas!

1. Check Their Creative Approach & Core Values

Before you look outside for a digital marketing agency, take a good look within your firm. Revisit your core values, your business goals, and what you stand for as a brand. Now stretch this out onto the digital marketing space and find your overlap. You need to ask yourself the following questions on how good a match any agency is:

  • Do they resonate with your value system?
  • How do they operate? What is their work environment and culture?
  • What words describe how they work best? Does it complement the image you want to create for your brand?
  • Do they get a sense of your business language and brand aura? Is their communication style similar?
  • What is their creative approach? Do you agree with it?

If you find yourself hesitating on these basic questions, you may be at the wrong door.

2. Watch Out for Stellar Campaigns by Digital Marketing Teams

Every average digital marketer can ideate, create, and strategize. The current demand has gone beyond just leveraging SEO tools, creating content, and staying connected with your audience. If you want to stand out, you need to look for a digital marketing company that stands out too.

Watch out for winning campaigns in your industry or any other industry that strikes a chord with you. Remember the much-intriguing advert from Coca-Cola that read ‘Don’t Drink Coca-Cola’ to fight childhood obesity?

That’s a campaign that dug deep into the consumer psyche for its uniqueness. No prizes for guessing how many inquiries that digital marketing team earned after this campaign! The benefits to working on hiring a digital marketing agency.

3. Knowledge of Key Metrics 

It’s great to see merit and credibility on paper. But, what you need your digital marketing agency to do is bring quantifiable changes to your numbers. We mean your key performance indicators (KPIs) and digital metrics. When choosing a marketing agency, try to find quantifiable benefits they have delivered to their clients. Allow them to share a thorough time-bound plan on how the numbers will move.

Some of the KPIs you could explore together are:

  • Cost per lead – How much it has cost you to turn a visitor into a potential lead
  • Cost per Conversion – How much each client conversion has cost you
  • Visits Per Channel – How much web traffic each digital marketing tool or channel has brought in

Your digital marketing agency should add specific numbers and growth projections to each of these metrics and more.

4. Keep A Watch on Your Competition

What is your competition doing with their digital marketing requirements? Keep a close tab on their digital marketing vendors to know what’s trending in your industry. Remember, digital marketing companies serve multiple players in a single industry. So, if you see a particular competitor acing their digital game, make a mental note of their agency. Chances are, you could explore a collaboration with them that could offer more synergies than your competitor’s campaign.

5. Check The Past Projects and experience of Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

We’re all for digital marketing trends and supporting emerging businesses. Having said that, you need the right blend of young blood and experience to sail the boat. Lookup marketing agencies that have clocked in years in the business. Plus, study their past campaigns online. The more diverse their work, the better it is for you. A few aspects you need to consider on their past campaigns include:

  • Size of campaigns in terms of project cost, number of channels explored, and business size
  • Industries or market spaces they have served
  • KPIs, they have delivered for their other clients
  • Digital marketing channels and tools they have worked with.

6. Lookup Industry Rankings

What better way to stay abreast with the industry than reading its journals? You should be updated on the digital marketing buzz to find an agency and stay informed. They are excellent sources for checking industry rankings. What’s more, you will also have an idea of specific rankings concerning digital marketing tools. For example, which vendor has the best SEO practices? Or, who scores best on the social media yardstick? This gives you clarity on the ideal fit for your business and your digital footprint.

We cannot stress the importance of connecting with your audiences to improve your brand’s standing. It begins and ends with a sound digital marketing agency. We hope these handy hacks will help you make the right choice for your digital partner.

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