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Easy and Pocket-friendly Table Decor Ideas

by Eric

Your coffee table and dining tables get a lot of attention from your guests. They notice how you have dressed your coffee tables when you serve coffee or snacks. A tidy, elegant, and well-furnished table can transform the look and feel of your home. It’s totally worth spending your time decorating this centerpiece.

How you style your dining tables or small side tables speaks volumes about your personality and creativity. So, the next time you invite guests, do not skip table furnishing. Here are a few easy and economical decor tips for designing your tables.

Go Green

Plants are not for the window sills and walls only. You can install small pots on your dining or coffee tables to achieve a neat green look. It gives your space an authentic and natural feel while keeping the look subtle.

Vases look flawless on coffee tables. They work as a decorative piece while making your place greener. You can also use a statement vase to make your dining table the centerpiece of your living room.

A Table Napkin

Tablecloth or no tablecloth?

The question is on everyone’s mind. Bare tables never look good, even if they are made of glass or vintage materials.

A table napkin does more than protect your table from stains and scratches. It completes your table furnishing. Choose table napkins that work well with the rest of your interior design. You can also select colors that create a contrast with the wall decor or ceiling. It will make your table a focal point in your room.

A tablecloth also comes in handy when you don’t have any art piece or decorative accessory to display. Choose a lacey napkin for a tidy look or a vintage tablecloth for a rustic feel. Either way, a table napkin is a perfect table accessory to dress your empty tables.

Decorate Your Table with Flowers

Don’t have a budget for expensive table furnishing accessories? Use a cool and colorful flower vase to add drama to your empty tables. Make your table colorful with multiple flower vases featuring flowers in different hues. Garden foliage and wildflowers look very effective and stylish on your tables. It is the most economical table decor item for both modern and traditional-style dining tables. Read more about the Best Cape Cod wedding venues.

Display Collectibles

Use the coffee table to display your collectibles and hand-made artwork. Place all your collectibles, including the travel souvenirs, on side tables. These art pieces can be excellent conversation starters for families and friends.

Your guests will most likely notice your collectibles on the dining and side tables. It is the easiest way to add drama to your living space while showing your fascinating collection.

Organize Everything in a Tray

You might be throwing several table accessories, collectibles, and other decor stuff on your small coffee table. But, it won’t look great until you keep things tidy and clutter-free. Instead of placing the decor items on the table napkin, you should use a tray to keep things organized.

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