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Earth day its quotes and quiz

by Eric

On April 22, more than a billion people worldwide commemorate Earth day its quotes and quiz. Planting trees to safeguard and care for our planet Earth is one of the most popular actions done to commemorate Earth Day. This day serves as a reminder to protect our beautiful planet, which offers countless advantages. Healthy lives are required to receive these advantages.

First Earth Day and celebration:

Denis Allen Hayes played the role of coordinator in first Earth day. We are connected to Earth in several ways this connection is very important to survive but unfortunately condition of our one and only living planet is going down day by day so it is necessary to give attention to this vital issue. For this purpose people of the United States started Earth day in 1970. Millions of Americans took part in cleaning and making better the environment on the first Earth Day. People organize earth day quiz to spread information in a different way. Prizes are distributed among the winners of the Earth day quiz. Unity media news.

Man-made changes :

Changes by humans to nature cause disasters, activities like deforestation are harmful to the earth and human lives for example locusts invasion and increased temperatures. Australian fires give born to many diseases and harm the earth. We can protect our planet to live fearlessly and it is possible when every individual will recognize his duties for the protection and care of earth day.

Activities for Earth day:

There are several activities you can perform alone or along with your family and friends to save nature. Let’s discuss some ideas for the upcoming earth day The major part of Breathable oxygen is provided by the oceans and forests.

  1. Plant new trees and take care of old ones.
  2. Fish is consumed worldwide but pollution is killing it day by day.
  3. Do not split garbage into the oceans.
  4. Plastic pollution harms the ocean hence climate changes occur.
  5. Chemical pollution from different factories harms aquatic life.
  6. The government should ban such factories to save food and the ecosystem.
  7. Integrate arts projects and make plans for the school.
  8. Make videos, photos, presentations, and earth day quotes to urge others for earth day activities.
  9. Pick up the litters in form of groups that urge others to do something beneficial for Earth.
  10. Use bicycle or have a walk instead of using heavy vehicles which produce a large amount of air pollution and harming the purity of air and lives of human beings.
  11. Address people to recycle and repurpose the things.
  12. Limit your water usage.
  13. Participate in the earth day quiz to check your knowledge.

Earth day quotes:

There are several Earth day quotes used to do protest. Earth day quotes also promote good activities that are beneficial for the planet Earth. Some popular Earth day quotes are following
“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

Earth day quiz:

A variety of activities can be done to commemorate and celebrate Earth Day, which has unique significance in human history. In our institutions, offices, and various groups, you can hold quizzes. On this day, you can wear the same earthy-colored gowns in green. The greatest way to commemorate and honour Earth Day is to take a quiz.

I appreciate you reading, and I hope you find this material about Earth day, its quotes and quiz useful. I’ll follow up with additional intriguing details. Keep in touch with us and use a mask when you go outside to stay safe and healthy.

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