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Debunking Myths About Call Center Customer Support

by Eric

The more a company or a business establishes itself in the market, the more people spread misinterpretations about the business. The same goes true for call center customer support; the call center industry has faced several myths and misconceptions for decades. The article sheds light upon the myths prevailing in the minds of people. A myth will be followed by factual information so that new customers do not fall prey to the misconceptions.

Myth 1: Robotic Machines Will Be Introduced As An Alternative to Workers Working In Call Centre Support Team! 

Factual Information

The onset of ongoing technological advancements and the industrial revolution has given birth to the perception that robots and machines will supersede the workplace of skilled workers in the coming decades. It is impossible because man-made machines can not offer the way humans can interact and deal with their fellow human beings. Read more about What is Cooperativa Latina?

Myth 2: Call Centre Customer Support is An Outdated Method, and People Do Not Avail it Anymore! 

Factual Information

Z generation and millennials are comprised of a bunch of sluggish people who finds it a much difficult task to make a call and ask for help. Instead, they prefer to scroll down websites and learn how to solve the issue they are facing.

The undeniable truth is that websites can not guide you the way professionals will assist you, especially when facing a complex problem. Professional help is much needed no matter how much technology advances. Many companies provide 24 hours smooth call center customer support, for example, 24H Virtual.

Myth 3: Call, Customer Support Services, Are Out of the Affordable Range of New Companies and Startups! 

Factual Information

One can not refute the truth that constructing a luxurious building loaded with qualified employers does cost a significant sum of money. It doesn’t mean that average companies can not afford their services.

Cloud-based call centers procure appreciable discounts and deals for consumers looking for a cost-effective service. According to the circumstances, the exclusive packages and discounts can be upgraded or downgraded. Cloud-based call centers guarantee a pleasant atmosphere for call agents and potential clients.

Myth 4: Call Agents are Not Determined and Dedicated to Deal with the Clients in the Best Possible Way!

Factual Information

Public reviews have documented that call agent are polite and extremely supportive. They deal with the customers professionally and ensure that all the clients are satisfied and guided properly.

However, one can not overlook the fact that the agents do misbehave due to a personal or professional reason in most cases. One can not expect a human being to become 100% error-free.

Myth 5: Call Centres Situated in Remote Areas Are Not Secure to Contact!

Factual Information

This misconception is common among all age groups. The reason is that the call agents often inquire about you with personal information, credit card information, etc. People’s concern is to contact a company that would ensure a secure environment.

Final Statement

Some unconventional misinterpretations regarding the call centers and agents prevail in people’s minds. However, all the myths are not 100% false. The writer’s job is to provide the readers with the facts and figures.

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