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Customized Ceremony Cake

by Eric

A happy celebration is not complete if people have not enjoyed some sweet goodies together and have the sweet taste after a long while. Everyone regards cake as a must-present, be it in a birthday ceremony, friends’ hangout, wedding, or even a simple family meet-up. There is a variety of cakes that may be categorized as per the occasion at the time.

In this article, we will discuss customized cakes in Singapore. Customized cakes are specific for an occasion and are crafted according to an event. The cake may be personalized in different ways, such as selected flavor, personal things like a name or picture, and some unique idea you want to try on cake art.

Benefits of Customized Cakes:

  • Events are made more personal – A customized cake is loud about the occasion or the party owner. For example, if a wedding couple has had their wedding cake crafted to look like a structure of a groom and his bride, the cake is visible to everyone to be a wedding cake.
  • An event feels more special – The cake is baked keenly, making the occasion more memorable and adorable. Guests feel more immersed in the event, be it a birthday or a wedding.
  • A process is involved – For a customized cake, a baker will mostly calculate keenly on the baking process to make the cake appear as ordered by a client; hence more time will be invested baking the cake.

Cupcakes are among customised cakes in Singapore in a list including fondant and minis cakes as some companies list down in cakes they customize., though customized cakes may be preferred for any occasion.

Where to access Customized Cakes in Singapore:

customized cake

Singapore has a variety of baker’s shops where you can access your customized cakes. Most bakers prefer that you make an order for a customized cake five days before making you a perfect order. Most bakeries make deliveries to customers, and hence they have websites enquiring for orders and giving a display of customized cakes. Competition for cakes has made different bakeries have different and customized branding. Below are various bakeries in Singapore where you can access well-baked custom cakes. Read more about Show Your Infinite Love With These Romantic Cakes.

  • Nobody dislikes fancy-looking cakes that leave people amused by their appearance; make your order, and you will always have baker’s brew studio as your number one on the list. They give a whole unique delivery from other bakers.
  • Are you a nature fanatic and the same passion you would carry in some of the celebrations, such as birthdays, to keep it in memory? It is rare to resist making an order with Zee &Elle. A great display is offered, showing a cool customized cake that depicts nature.
  • For purposes of health, you may prefer to have cakes that have little sugar in them. Bob, the baker boy, has your health taken care of; customized cakes here are baked on low sugar levels ranging between 30% & 50%.
  • Art is a passion for many; it can be an excellent gift for an art fanatic. Couplets have a fantastic display for art customized cakes that gives an excellent presentation for designing; you will not resist making an order after viewing their website.

 How to store a customized cake:

  • Consider storing customized cake under average room temperature away from sunlight or heat to avoid melting the ice.
  • Make sure to avoid refrigerating a cake after baking to avoid making the cake dry.
  • Freezing in a container that helps store its moisture if consumption will be after some days is a way of preservation.

Consider making your order in any of the above bakeries and have your passion catered for.

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