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7 Secrets to Building an Audience on TikTok

by Eric

Did you know that the majority of Tik Tok users are searching for funny/entertaining content? If you’ve tried building an audience with interesting and funny content, but have gotten nowhere, this guide is for you. The reality is, building a brand involves much more than making fun content. Read our guide on seven secrets to gaining a Tik Tok audience to learn more.

Identify your target audience

Making sure you know who to target with your material and that you are producing content that your target audience will love is the first step in increasing your following on any social media platform.

You may do this in a few different ways to increase your TikTok following.

Consider looking at your industry’s rivals and influencers first. What types of content do they publish? Make notes on the most well-liked videos and utilise them as inspiration for your own original ideas.

Find Your Niche:

Building an audience on Tik Tok involves knowing who to target. Finding your niche is easy when you already know who your target market is. Without implementing this technique, you won’t be able to build a large following. Users won’t see consistency in your content and won’t know what your brand stands for.

For example, if your brand is health-related, you should be posting content on how to be healthier. If you begin to post content that is not relevant to who you are, the following could happen:

  • You could lose existing followers
  • It could become difficult to grow your audience

When you don’t post consistent content related to your core ideas, people won’t know why they should follow you. Be specific about who you want to reach. Trying to reach everyone is a sure way to reach no one.\

Have an Attractive Profile:

This is a simple technique for building an audience, but people often ignore it. Before following you, a user is likely to check out your profile. Even if you get TikTok likes on the regular, an unattractive profile won’t allow you to actually build a following. On Tik Tok, you can only impress a user through existing content, a profile picture, and a short bio.

Because of this, many believe that it is easy to be aesthetically pleasing on this app. After all, there aren’t many ways to mess up. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By following the first tip of creating niche content, your current videos will make users more inclined to follow you.

As for your profile picture, choose something that speaks to who you are. Users won’t want to follow an account with a dark, blurry, or odd picture. A high-resolution picture is simple, yet effective. When building a brand, you need to tell people exactly who you are. On Tik Tok, you can do this by creating an engaging bio that tells users what you do.

Your bio should have zero spelling or grammatical errors. Even simple errors may lead a user to believe that your brand isn’t professional. Read more about How to make a duet on TikTok?

Follow Brand Guidelines:

Social media marketing in general should always follow certain brand guidelines. They may include using the same filters, colors, or fonts. Branding guidelines on Tik Tok can help users recognize and remember you. If your content is of high quality, users will be able to find you on their For You pages.

Even if users aren’t following you right away, consistent branding will influence them to check out your account in detail. Users may confuse you for other creators if you end up moving away from your set brand guidelines.

Make Short Videos:

One of the best marketing tips to build a Tik Tok following is to create short videos. A Tik Tok can be one minute long, but viral posts tend to be shorter than that. Instead of using the full time, aim for 30 seconds or less. Engage your audience immediately so that they will watch the video in its entirety.

If your video is too long, users may never finish it and won’t repeatedly watch it. In contrast, a shorter and engaging video will make people want to watch it over and share it with their friends.

Consider Trends:

When you build an audience on Tik Tok, you need to find your niche, but this does not mean you can’t follow current trends. Find a way to make them work with your niche.

A lot of trends involve some of the tools the app equips you with. Once you familiarize yourself with the editing style of Tik Tok, you can hop on the trends that use internal editing right away!

Create High-Quality Videos:

A blurry, low-quality video is not going to gain you an audience. In fact, the odds of you going viral with a blurry video are little to none. Users want to watch and share videos that are posted with high-resolution. Luckily, a smartphone can do just that. You won’t need a fancy camera, just bright lighting, and good sound quality. You’ll especially need to focus on sound quality if you are speaking in your video.

Users will decide within the first few seconds of your video if they want to continue watching it or not. Think about it, would you want to watch a low-quality video or would you skip it? Chances are, you’re going to skip it every time.

Use Hashtags:

Like Instagram, hashtags are useful on Tik Tok to build an audience. If you follow the above tip and create content using trends, be sure to add the trending hashtags as well. Hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and gain new followers quickly. They can also help you get on the good side of Tik Tok’s algorithm.

When the algorithm recognizes the content in your videos, you have a better chance of reaching your intended audience. You should be using at least three hashtags on your videos, but no more than six. You can research hashtags within your niche instead of choosing ones at random.

Building an Audience on Tik Tok: Can You Do It?

Building an audience on Tik Tok is relatively easier than gaining followers on other social media platforms. By following the social media marketing tips in this guide, you can see for yourself.

Getting the hang of Tik Tok is simple. Do the research and spend time looking through popular videos. After understanding the platform, you can implement these tips into your strategy with ease.

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