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Bring out your Bengali essence with traditional Bengali sarees

by Eric

The Bengali saree is one of the most elegant and culturally significant costumes for Indian women. No one can dispute that Bengali women are among the most attractive everywhere on the planet, not just in physical beauty but also in status, culture, and fashion. Bengal is renowned for its extensive selection of exquisite fabrics, distinctive designs, and regal-appearing clothing. Since the Bengali community’s beginnings, Bengali sarees have had a lengthy history, and Bengali apparel has changed.

Types of Bengali sarees

  •      Baluchari Saree: The body of a baluchari Bengali saree is brocaded with floral or geometrical designs. This Bengali traditional saree’s body is embellished with intricate motifs that depict sculptures, temples, and scenes from the Ramayana or Mahabharata.

Other varieties of Baluchari Bengali sarees have artwork depicting things like animals, plants, little human figures, wedding celebrations, rulers on horses, and more. This Bengali saree’s distinctive characteristic is the white border around the patterns. Today’s Baluchi Bengal cotton sarees are made with premium cotton fabrics and chic, colourful crochet edging. Read more about How to match jewellery as per your saree?

  •      Dhakai Jamdani Saree: Dhaka, Bangladesh, is said to be the place where Dhakai Jamdani Bengali sarees first appeared. The name of this Bengali saree originated there. However, dhakai jamdani sarees are now offered in many locations in West Bengal. Dhakai Jamdani Bengali traditional sarees are painstakingly woven using the delicate cotton fabrics utilised in handlooms by Bengal cotton saree weavers. Because of the light fabric, vivid colours, and delicate handcrafting designs, Bengali women appreciate these Bengali sarees.
  •      Garad Silk: Bengali women dress in Bengali traditional sarees made of Garad Silk for religious ceremonies such as pujas. The word “Garad” means “white,” which is a representation of purity. Garad sarees can be identified by their off-white body and red border. The most traditional Garad sarees are also lightweight and portable. Bengali women choose to wear grad Bengali sarees because they are made of tulsar or mulberry silk, one of the purest fabrics in the world.
  •      Banarasi Saree: Bengali brides look the most beautiful in regal Banarasi Bengali sarees, even though they are originally from the Vanaras of Uttar Pradesh. Recently, West Bengal has become a significant producer of Banarasi Bengali sarees. For Bengali ladies, this is the bridal or wedding Bengali traditional saree. Despite its costly price, women want to wear it because of its royal aspect.
  •      Tant Saree: Tant sarees are among the Bengali sarees that are best suitable for daily wear. Because it is constructed of a light cotton fabric that is perfect for West Bengal’s humid climate, women feel peaceful wearing this Bengali saree. You can purchase unique Bengal handloom tant sarees at Murshidabad, Nadia, and Hooghly, the main centres for tant saree production in West Bengal.


Finding a Bengali saree online with an original design and vibrant colours is always thrilling, and wearing one of them can attract the attention of many people. Bengali sarees have been the subject of conversation at any celebration, formal event, or business gathering. In addition to Bengali traditional saree online, there are also bright, innovative styles of Bengali sarees that may make a woman look lovely.

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