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Blue Light Glasses Are The New Must Have Accessory!

by Eric

The trick to getting more rest and being more productive? Officially, we’re fans. For those who missed it, we recently explored why blue light from your television, phone, and computer contributes to eye strain. Besides, all the weariness can even interfere with your hormones that regulate sleep.

So, how do you better your sleep?

The answer’s simple, opt for blue light glasses. This modern eyewear style helps shield your eyes from the damaging effects of exposure to blue light. We adore the concept of a practical item, but how useful are they in reality? Is the investment worthwhile?

Let’s find out the answer to these questions in the following sections of this blog.

Perks Of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

  • Benefit 1: Blue light glasses can ease eye pain

Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome can result from using devices too often. Blue light-filtering glasses can improve focus and lessen eye strain, making your eyes feel less weary and increasing productivity. Make sure you take regular pauses from the screen, as this is another technique to lessen eye strain. Read more about Apple Glasses just tipped to launch in late 2024.

  • Benefit 2: Blue light eyewear improves sleep

One of the more unexpected effects of screen exposure is the potential to disrupt sleep patterns. High energy frequency blue light can boost alertness while delaying the body’s production of melatonin, which promotes sleep. One to two hours before bed, we should all refrain from using blue-light emitting devices. You can use your gadgets before bed and still get a decent night’s sleep if you wear blue-light-blocking glasses since they can lessen the influence of blue light.

  • Benefit 3: It prevents macular degeneration

Given its nature, blue light happens to enter our cornea directly without going through any protective screening. This way, you have an increased chance of macular degeneration over the years. However, when wearing blue light glasses, you’ll wear a protective security layer that scatters the light.

Takeaway Tips To Maintaining Eye Health

Yes, blue light glasses save you from some known issues, but it doesn’t eliminate the danger. Therefore, even if you wear one, keep in mind these tips:

  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, put down your smartphone and stare at any object that’s 20 feet away from you for some 20 seconds. Your eyes will get a break from the screen.
  • Use eye drops: If you are feeling dry eyes from blue light, eye drops help keep your eyes lubricated throughout the day.
  • Limit your exposure to sunshine and screens: Limiting the amount of time you spend using electronics or outside in the sun is the most effective approach to reduce your exposure to blue light.
  • Keep your distance from screens: Sit an arm’s length away from your screen to reduce your exposure to blue light.
  • Using screen filters to negate the exposure of blue light: You may enable or install certain screen filters on specific screens to reduce blue light.

What Research Has To Say?

While there is some evidence that blue light glasses can prevent screen use from disrupting your sleep, they are not likely to completely alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain or offer macular degeneration protection alone. Despite this, some physicians continue to promote them alongside the tips mentioned above.

Therefore, before you buy a pair, ensure that you understand the possible and practical benefits of these glasses rather than going for whatever a salesman or physician says. Lastly, when buying online, ensure that you do it from professional companies like SmartBuyGlasses UK. These professionals sell you facts!

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