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AOC hot | Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

by Eric
AOC hot | Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

From bartender, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took a hot seat in Congress, shocking everyone after toppling the powerful incumbent Democrat. She has radical politics and charisma that, when combined, have proved deadly against the Democratic establishment. In this article, we’ll discuss all the AOC.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez majored in economics and international relations at Boston University. The degree she earned proved beneficial for the young woman, as she would soon be working in an office on Capitol Hill. However, before her astonishing success, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took several low-paying jobs after college to help the family stay afloat after her father’s death.


When she was Sandy from Flats Fix, a tiny Manhattan takeria, she was loved for her friendliness and infectious kindness. She worked as an intern in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office at the college and then volunteered for then-Senatorial nominee Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Read more
From bartender to political organizer, Sandy came up with the idea to run for office after he returned from a trip to see protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. She soon became Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Bronx native seeking a seat in the US House of Representatives.
After 18 months, Alexandria Ocasio Cortes became popular, becoming the youngest woman to win a seat in Congress. She defeated Joe Crowley, who was in his 10th term in the Democratic primaries for the 14th arrondissement of New York. No one was ready for the young woman’s victory, especially since she gained celebrity status after winning Congress.
However, the unlikely arrival of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the office is both a blessing and a curse. She became one of the most talked-about politicians in the United States after the president. A few months after sitting in her office on Capitol Hill, she was either the “Wicked Witch” or “Wonder Woman,” depending on whether her fans or opponents were speaking.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Twitter followers also grew significantly even before her victory. Thousands of Americans have watched on Instagram everything she does, from potting plants to making black bean soup. The signature lipstick she always wears was also sold out online shortly after she tweeted the name and brand. She also used social platforms to communicate directly with American voters, more as an influencer and lifestyle blogger.
In the office, most people call her a political phenomenon, the best storyteller since President Barack Obama. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is part legislator, part activist.
Many noted that one of her advantages during the campaign was her attractive personality and attractiveness to young people. While that didn’t get her a seat, it still sounded plausible since the youngest female congressman is sexy and attractive as well.

Early life and education

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born to a working-class Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, New York. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics and international relations and worked in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office where she dealt with immigration issues while she was in college.
After leaving school, she returned home and became a community organizer. However, with the onset of a recession and the financial troubles her family faced following her father’s death from cancer in 2008, Ocasio-Cortez took several low-paying restaurant jobs to keep them afloat.

The net worth of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC positions itself as a working-class person for New Yorkers. “I think we need to be the party that first and foremost has to answer again to the working class and marginalized people,” she told Progressive in September 2018.
After Ocasio-Cortez defeated Rep. Joe Crowley in the June primary and won the November general election, she told the New York Times that she was worried about paying her rent in Washington D.C. before pay $ 174,000 a year. Congressional salaries have increased.
According to public figures, she had $ 15,000 in savings in 2018, which should have been more than enough to pay an average of $ 2,700 for her Washington apartment. $ 174,000 is a decent salary for anyone in America, let alone a 30-year-old as of 2020.
By comparison, the median household income in America for 2019, after all, is only about $ 68,700. See US Census Bureau Chart below. The real median income for a Hispanic family is $ 56,113.
At the end of 2018, AOC had about $ 7,000 in savings, according to AOC’s director of public affairs. It’s hard to say where the remaining $ 15,000 of her savings went. She may have spent her money moving and preparing for a new position in government.
In 2018, she earned about $ 26,600. On July 10, 2019, during a House Financial Services Committee meeting at Capital Hill, she said in a statement that she still has $ 19,000 in student loan debt.

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