A leading Water Slide Manufacturer and a few important innovations for the Waterpark Industry
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A leading Water Slide Manufacturer and a few important innovations for the Waterpark Industry

by Eric

Summertime is a pleasant, reminiscent time that is filled with summer camps, family vacations, ice creams, or simply being outside. A day spent at the waterpark with friends and family has been a pleasant memory for most. Some loved to splash about in the pools while others demanded thrill by either a tube slide or a wave pool. Waterpark manages to cater to all age groups and enjoyment needs. Over the span of 50 years, waterparks have evolved from being a spot with a couple of rides and pools to a massive collage of thrilling rides, other attractions that cover over acres of space and attract people from large distances.

Waterpark building has turned into a serious business with theme park and indoor mall owners lining up to water park slide manufacturers for integrating innovative attractions to their existing structures or creating a new one from scratch. Here are some of the innovative water park attractions that Splashtacular, a water park manufacturer, has contributed to raising the attractiveness of the water park industry.

Waterpark Industry Attractions: 

  • DrenalineDrop

Tube slides can become repetitive over the course of time. No matter how many swirls or turns you add to extend the ride time, the process becomes monotonous. The visitor climbs the tower and waits for their turn and slides down to the pool. What if we innovate slide entrance? The answer is DrenalineDrop™. By turning the slide entrance into a capsule drop, the thrill steps up significantly. The visitor enters the capsule with a collapsible floor that drops them into the underlying slide at high-speeds. The curved riding surface ensures a smooth transition to the rider when entering the tube. It being a modular design, more than two or three capsules can be chained together for three ride variations:

1) All at once

2) Sequential

3) Roulette

  • DownUnder

A complete tube slide arrangement using DrenalineDropTM to launch the rider at high speeds. The DownUnder™ has six slides with individual DrenalineDropTM modules. The riders watch each other while waiting for their turn. Paired with the roulette launch pattern, the riders anticipate as the launch sequence would be random. Each of the six slides transports the riders to different locations, upping the unpredictability. The slides twist and turn for over 225 feet.

  • 360Rush XT

Instead of the riders traveling through the tube and landing into the pool, we take the dropping to another level. Paired with two DrenalineDrop™ launch modules, the riders are dropped into the tube slides that open into a drop bowl. This improves the friendly competition between them. The spectators can snap photographs of the action while waiting for their turn from the observation deck. Owing to the circular motion of the riders moving inside the bowl, the ride is aptly named 360RushXT™.

  • Double BowlsEye

Instead of two riders going head-to-head, the Double BowlsEye™ ride allows 2 groups of 2 boat riders to vie for the finish line. The riders are launched in opposite directions of a towering 60-foot platform. The 54-inch tube opens up into a dropbowl, where the riders will be following each other before exiting out from two separate points. The riders will have enjoyment from the thrill and group ride. The 4-rider launch allows for quicker throughput and less waiting time. You can either connect it to a pool optionally or use it individually.

  • Double BowlsEye XT

An economical version of the Double BowlsEyeTM, the Double BowlsEye XT™ is a two tower design with the giant drop bowl in the middle. Similar to the Double BowlsEye™, the riders are propelled on a giant tube slide that revolves around the bowl. The riders exit the slide and chase the other riders multiple times before exiting out of any of the two outlets. In the hunt of thrill, riders will travel through the tube slides at speeds of exceeding 40mph and the translucent band design of the tube gives an additional visual thrill of speed.

  • Traxx

Multilane racing, now on water. Traxx is a multilane racing slide that offers competitive racing-like experience in a water park ride. With a versatile design, the rider can opt for a mat or a body slide experience. Suitable for visitors of all age groups, Traxx delivers on the promise of maximum user interactivity with the thrill of mat racing. The ride is available in 2,4, and 6 lane arrangements and has a minimal water requirement.


First of its kind ride in North America, where you slide down while standing, the SlipstreamTM offers the thrill of water skiing without the exertion. The riders glide down the slide while grabbing the side rails for support. The speed is user-controlled and offers a new ride experience for older teens who outgrew the kiddie rides and adults who wish to enjoy it without getting drenched altogether. The ride is simple to assemble, has ultra-low water flow requirements and needs no additional pool.


Make the dreams of flying true with FlyTymeTM. A unique half pipe slider that launches the riders into thin air before cannonballing into a pool. All types of precautions have been taken to ensure rider safety while providing flight time to the riders. Available in the widest range of colors, the FlyTyme™ ride is a water slide innovation that offers a heart-pumping ride experience.

Protective Clear Coating

Not a ride but an innovation in water park ride maintenance. Splashtacular is the only water slide manufacturer that adds an automotive-grade, protective clear coat to the ride exterior. The paint is effective in preventing sun bleaching while providing a glossy feel to the ride surface.

Wrapping Up

Water parks are no longer about having the greatest number of rides and attractions. Unless you innovate, your park visitors may get bored soon. On the other hand, the innovation mentioned above has greatly benefited our clients and their park visitors. 


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