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6 Engraved Plaques Every Restaurant Should Have

by Eric

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to let customers know you’re thinking about them to attract new customers as well as retail business. One way to do this is with signs made from engraved plaques. Signage is an important element to keep in mind to entice customers into your restaurant.

Signs are generally meant to be informative and directional. For example, letting customers know which areas are off-limits to them is helpful to them and keeps your employees safe. Showing that you take health precautions goes a long way toward people feeling comfortable dining with you.

You have many options when it comes to choosing signs. Browse around online and visit the site to see what different companies have to offer.

  1. Employees Only Beyond This Point

Some areas aren’t meant for customers to wander through. This especially extends to the kitchen, where potential hazards like sharp knives or spills could be present. You want to keep your employees safe, so they should be trained to handle those things quickly, but you don’t want a customer to trip or run into someone.

An engraved plaque proclaiming “Employees Only” or something to that effect lets people know to stay away from the area, so work can continue, and they don’t accidentally wander through the kitchen looking for the restroom. Read more about Sublimation printers for t-shirts.

  1. Employees Must Wash Hands

Good hygiene is imperative in a restaurant. Not only should employees wash their hands every time they use the bathroom, but they also need to wash their hands when they touch their face or hair, cough, sneeze, handle certain foods, or complete certain tasks. Include an “employees must wash hands” sign at every sink.

  1. Chemical and Equipment Storage Warnings

You might be storing dangerous equipment or chemicals for cleaning certain things on site. You’ll want signs explaining the safest way to handle them, warnings for what may happen if you don’t follow those instructions, and warnings to keep customers away from the area if necessary.

  1. General Safety Precautions

These signs are for more everyday use. They can include things like no underage drinking, no alcohol beyond this point posted on your outdoor patio, signs to indicate where your safety equipment is (such as a first aid kit or fire extinguisher), and potential allergy information. These should be prominently placed in the restaurant to promote visibility.

  1. Permits and Licensing

Prominently display your permits and licenses on an engraved plaque. This lets everyone see that you’re legally able to serve alcohol, your maximum occupancy, your foodservice permit, and other legalities that make you a reputable establishment.

  1. Food Storage Safety Awareness

While of course, your staff should know the proper ways to safely handle and store food, it can’t hurt to remind them with signs displayed in the kitchen. Maintaining specific food prep stations and labeling sinks for certain purposes helps to reduce cross-contamination.

Engraved Plaques Ensure Return Customers

Customers want to see that you take their health and safety into consideration. They will appreciate the attention to detail you show by posting these signs throughout your restaurant.

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