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5 types of Necklaces and when to wear them

by Eric

When you get dressed each morning, you likely put some thought into the pieces you’re choosing, whether that’s a shirt and trousers that coordinate nicely or an accessory that ties your entire outfit together. Naturally, jewelry is hardly an exception to this rule. When you reach into your collection and look through your necklaces, the day that lies ahead undoubtedly plays a role in your choice.

1. Pearl Necklace

Pearls are the perfect piece to create a classic look in any formal setting. While they can be worn in more casual looks, there are few details that can rival pearls in terms of elegance. When you’re heading to a formal occasion or classy evening, a strand (or a few) of pearls is an ideal way to instantly boost your style—not to mention your confidence in rocking such a posh accessory.

2. Statement Necklace

types of necklaces

If you’re looking for a piece that helps you dress up a casual outfit for a dressier occasion (though perhaps not as formal as an event for which you’d reach for pearls), look no further than a bold statement necklace. This piece gives you the chance to showcase a taste of your personality through vivid colors or the design of a, particularly whimsical necklace. With a pop of color at your collar or a lengthy oversized piece, a statement necklace will stand out when you can’t afford to fade into the background.

3. Dainty Necklace

types of necklaces

Dainty jewelry is best used when stacked with other pieces. Combine your delicate silver necklace with a shorter necklace to better fit your neckline without sacrificing style. Or, choose from your daintiest pendants when your outfit needs a subtle touch of sparkle that won’t overwhelm an already daring look. This is a perfect piece for any top that’s highly embellished or detailed—unlike a more eye-catching statement piece, an airy necklace will be the perfect way to balance out your outfit, no matter the occasion.

4. Bold Pendants

types of necklaces

Not every bold necklace is necessarily a statement piece in the traditional sense. For example, bold pendants are a particular subset that might not catch the eye so blatantly but nevertheless whisper your chosen declaration. You’ll often find this sort of pendant on a long necklace, falling further down your torso than most collar-side statement pieces. These pendant necklaces allow you to dress up a casual outfit, even adding a dressy touch to something like a flannel.

5. Tactile Necklace

types of necklaces

In some cases, you’ll find that organic textiles are the best possible choice for your jewels of the day. Most often worn in casual settings, a necklace created from a material such as a paracord is one that you’ll have as hard a time keeping your hands off of as others will their eyes. With the tactile feedback of these pieces, or of those with details like beads, you’ll find these are an ideal addition for those dealing with autism or ADHD who might want that stimulation, creating a sort of accidental fidget jewelry. Read more about Unique Bridesmaids Neck Jewellery Ideas You Must Consider

No matter what type of necklace you reach for each morning, there’s likely a reason behind your choice. For many, that reason will be, at least in part, an expectation of what’s ahead for this particular day, not to mention the rest of the outfit you’ve chosen. With any of these styles or others, you’ll find there’s a perfect piece for your ensemble of choice. And, of course, you can always take a moment to remember another truth: rules were, after all, made to be broken. Why should fashion be any different? When you choose these details of your next outfit, keep these concepts in mind but remember—there’s no reason you can’t wear whatever piece most speaks to you.

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