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5 Reasons to Start Using Google Ads Today

by Eric

If you run a business you have surely faced the challenge that nearly every business owner will face eventually. You started, perhaps you had a good number of clients already at the beginning, but then the most common question is ‘This is great, but now how do I scale? How do I grow my business past the clients that I already have?’. Driving new prospects to your business is not an easy task, that’s for sure.

But fortunately, nowadays there is no lack of opportunities, and the most noticeable ones are often online where businesses of any size, from small family-run setups to large corporates, can take advantage of meeting with their target audiences and most desirable potential customers exactly where they are. People flock to social media platforms to connect or exchange ideas or come to search engines to find the information, services, and/or products that they are looking for.

Google Ads are Measurable, Simple to Monitor, and Flexible.
The fact that practically every parameter is readily measured is perhaps one of the most psychologically satisfying advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing techniques (such as those discussed in our blog post “Digital Marketing – The ‘Ins’ & ‘Outs'”).

Given that you don’t receive immediate feedback on what modification had what effect, and what specific action you made directly boosted or decreased your search ranks, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the true impact of your SEO efforts.

And Google is certainly one of those places where, globally, most people visit at least once a day (if not several times) to search and look for businesses like yours. So if you haven’t tried or are not using Google Ads to promote your business, services, and/or products, you might be missing out. So let’s look at the top five reasons why you should start using Google Ads today to promote your business.

Google Ads advertising is highly scalable

First and foremost, as we have mentioned Google is used by billions of users every day all around the world and helps to connect brands to customers regardless of their location. For example, someone from Sydney might search to find florists that deliver flowers in London. But likewise, someone else, also located in Sydney, might search for a ‘florist near me to find a local shop from where to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers to take home.

The point is that Google search offers a scale that only a few platforms can match in size. And any business has the potential, using Google Ads in the right way, to leverage on that scale.

It is very easy to start with Google Ads

Point number two is that it is easy to get started with Google Ads, and that can be done in various ways. For example, you could hire a team of experts and rely on a digital marketing agency for your Google Ads management, so that you can continue doing what you are best at running your business.

But if you really want to test yourself and believe that you have what it takes to successfully run ad campaigns in Google it is also pretty easy and quick to get started. All you need is a good understanding of how your customers search for your products and services when they are online; what are keywords that they use in Google. With that list of terms (keywords), then all you need is to craft some compelling and appealing ads that are enticing enough to drive those searches to your website.

It’s 100% measurable

The third reason to get started today is that Google Ads advertising is trackable and measurable. This means that at any time you will be able to see how the campaigns and ads are performing, and know in near real-time whether they are profitable for you or not.

No minimum terms and/or commitment

Another reason why you should advertise in Google is that there is no minimum spend or commitment, and therefore advertisers can enter the market with any budget they can afford. There is also no obligation to have the ads running for a minimum period of time; instead, the campaigns can be turned on and off whenever that suits the business. This is a great feature because it means that advertisers are not locked in, and if the performance is not good enough for them, they could pause the ads until they analyze the performance, look at what can be done to improve, and make the changes before reactivating the ads.

An extremely flexible platform

Last but not least, our fifth reason why you should consider starting a Google Ads campaign today is the level of flexibility the platform offers to advertisers. As we mentioned already above ads can be run locally or globally with campaign targeting that can go from reaching a single postcode to an entire country. But flexibility is also the possibility to adjust your advertising based on other criteria such as demographics, or user behavior, and therefore make sure that your ads are most targeted to your most valuable customers. So there you have it, your five most compelling reasons why you should consider Google Ads advertising for your business today!

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