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5 Cities to check out this Winter

by Eric

As the temperatures start to plummet during the cold months, your time doesn’t have to be spent hiding under the covers or indoors. As a matter of fact, we’d argue that there is no better time to explore and travel than during winter. Picture fewer crowds to deal with, more affordable hotel stays, and dreamy winter scenes to explore to your heart’s desire.

The cold months of December to March are especially great for traveling. During these cold weeks, you will want to be out and about walking from place to place. This will not only give you plenty of chances to keep warm but it will also allow you to weave in and out of the small establishments, bars, and restaurants so that you can interact with the locals.

If you are looking for places to travel this winter, here are 5 cities to check out this winter:

Sedona, Arizona

Winters in Sedona are quiet, which means that you won’t have to deal with the endless lines and crowds that are usually there during the warmer months. The hotel rates are usually lower, which means that you stand a chance to upgrade your room.

Sans the busy crowds, Sedona’s attractions, and restaurants tend to be more accessible and aren’t as fully booked. Plus, during the colder months but there is quite a lot of activities and things to do during your stay so that you’re never bored.

The stunning red rocks of Sedona should be capped with snow during winter while the sunny blue skies will provide you with the perfect weather for a daytime hike. Hiking, not your speed? Consider hiring a jeep tour from a certified driver that will take you to all of Sedona’s hidden spots and gems.

If you are feeling over the top, you can also take an air balloon or helicopter ride to get an eye bird’s view of the red mountains. When you are done with your spectacular adventure, cozy up together by the fire as you sip your favorite merlot or cocoa to end the perfect night.

Vegas, Nevada

While Vegas is generally busier during the warmer season, you will also find it teeming with life events and activities during winter too. The holidays are usually a huge deal in Vegas. As such, if you are visiting during winter, you may want to keep an eye out for any holiday events and festivals available during this time of year.

During the winter period, you won’t be hard-pressed to find an array of scheduled events that you can attend. And it doesn’t end with holiday celebrations. Once the Christmas spirit has been lifted, you will be treated to lots of post-Christmas celebrations as well.

If you love art, you may want to plan your winter trip to Vegas around February. For instance, there is nothing more elaborate than the Chinese New Year in Las Vegas. The celebrations are held every February to pomp and circumstance. We’re talking about extravagant and stunning showcases of Chinese décor, jaw-dropping entertainment, as well as more traditional cuisine than you can handle.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Looking for a way to escape the icy weather to get a head start on spring? Atlantic City is one of those cities that you’ll always find buzzing all year round. When you visit Atlantic City during winter, you will rip some added benefits of traveling during the off-peak travel season.

Visiting Atlantic City during winter means that you will have fewer travelers to deal with, which means that you can take a beat, slow down and take your time to really enjoy your surroundings. During your travels, you will definitely want to gamble or learn how to do it at any one of the fine 12 casinos available.

The city of Atlantic City is the perfect place to be during the winter months. During this time, flights are cheaper, hotel rooms more affordable and the perks that come with traveling during the off-peak season cannot be unmatched.

Four Lakes, Chicago

Surrounded by one of the most stunning rugged landscapes that you will ever encounter, Four Lakes is a winter lover’s dream destination.  The best way to describe Four Lakes during winter is magical. Don’t get us wrong, Four Lakes during the warmer months is just as exciting. However, there is something about winter that lends a dreamlike feeling to the atmosphere that makes the season a lot more enjoyable.

Winter is an exceptionally wonderful time to travel to Four Lakes. Aside from the snowcapped views that the landscape will provide you with, there will be a host of activities to choose from that run the gamut from cycling and snowboarding to climbing to skiing. If you really want to explore the snow and enjoy Four Lakes during the height of winter, it would be best to reserve your visit for February or March.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a great western city that’s famed for its 3000 acres plus of backcountry terrain. It also boasts some of the most challenging skiing slopes in all of North America. So if it’s an adventure that you are after, then you will find plenty of it in Jackson Hole.

If winter activities aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to keep you busy during your travels. For instance, Teton Village is lined with a series of upscale vintage shops with the most interesting trinkets for you to go back home with. You will also appreciate the many farm-to-table restaurants and classic steakhouses but it is the blanket and moccasin stores that are likely to move you to spend your hard-earned cash.

Stop by one of the quaint bakeries in Teton for the best quinoa bowl that you will ever taste. But if you are looking to leave with something to mark your adventures in Jackson Hole, make it a point to invest in some high-quality deerskin gloves. You won’t regret it!

Final Thoughts

When you do travel, remember to be careful at all times. We are living in uncertain times so please take your safety as well as the safety of others seriously and in mind at all times. When traveling, also remember to follow all the regulations set to prevent any problems from arising during your escapades.

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