3 Tips For Using Online Reviews To Help You Make A Purchasing Decision
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3 Tips For Using Online Reviews To Help You Make A Purchasing Decision

by Eric

If you want to purchase a new product but you’re not sure what kind to get or what brand you should buy from, you might be tempted to check out some online reviews to see what other consumers have experienced in the past. While this sounds like a good idea in theory, many people don’t actually put in the effort necessary to get accurate information from an online review, as many reviews are put out simply as a marketing technique. Luckily, there are things that you can do to glean as much accurate information as possible from an online review, be it for new luggage or a vape pod system.

To help you in figuring out how to best weed your way through online reviews, here are three tips for using online reviews to help you make a purchasing decision. 

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Look At The Quantity Of Reviews From The Same Reviewer

When you’re looking at a specific review for a product, one of the first things that you should investigate is the reviewer. Ideally, a reviewer should have a large number of reviews under their belt before you can give them any trust in their reviews.

If you see a review given about something and that’s the only review that this person has ever written, this could be a sign that the review shouldn’t be trusted. But if you find a person who has reviewed all kinds of things over the years, their experience and quantity of reviews may indicate that they’re being honest about their opinion and how they’ve found that product.

Read A Lot Of Reviews

If you’re really wanting to get a good idea about what a product will actually be like when you use it, you’ll want to read a lot of different reviews from a lot of different people. The more information you’re able to get here, the better.

To best do this, make sure you read into at least a few pages worth of reviews. Try to find ones that give all kinds of rankings for the product, not just the ones that give it five stars or one star. This way, you’ll be able to see all perspectives and get a feel for the product as a whole.

Rule Out Circumstantial Information

Oftentimes, people either write reviews because they love a product or hate it. But in many instances, reviewers, especially those without a lot of experience giving or writing reviews, will include a lot of circumstantial information in their review. So if you notice that someone is saying they liked or disliked a product for a very personal or specific reason that’s related to them, you should try to take what they’ve stated with a grain of salt.

If you want to check out some online reviews before you make a purchasing decision, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to best cut through a review to get at the core of what it’s saying.

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