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10 Best Ways to Store Your Wristwatches

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10 Best Ways to Store Your Wristwatches

If you’re someone who loves to explore different timepieces, then you most likely have different collections. As more models and designs find their way into your home, you will need a good storage facility. This way, you keep them safe and also display all to remove the stress of searching for a particular watch, as suggested by Brcanski Forum.

The storage ideas discussed here will assist you in organizing, storing, and exhibiting your favorite timepieces.

1. Watch Boxes

There are lots of sizable boxes meant for storing and organizing watches. They come in different forms, shapes, and materials. Although they are simple, they can be a bit bulky and consume large space. So when choosing a box, ensure that it has enough space for your collections. Luxury watches such as the Rolex Submariner may be tough to withstand dust, bugs, moisture, and humidity–but that doesn’t mean you’ll settle for less when it comes to storing them.

One of the biggest advantages of storing your watch in a box is that you can display your entire collection and have easy access to them. So get a glass-topped box that is well designed like a 12 compartments model to show off your watches in a grand style.

 2. Watch Rolls

Watch rolls often come in two main styles, either with hard cases that come with few compartments or with stiff cases that consume more space if you’re traveling. And if you are going with more than one timepieces per time, the watch rolls must include sufficient dividers and a soft pillow to keep them in their shape and also avoid them smacking into one another

3. Watch Racks

A rack allows you to arrange your watch in the open and makes it easy to pick the one you need anytime. They usually come in T-shape with the top holding the watches. The only problem is that they won’t be safe as in a box because they are exposed and might be knocked down.

4. Pouch

A leather pouch of the right size makes it easy to carry a spare or backup watch when traveling or passing the night somewhere else other than your home. These pouches don’t take a lot of space.

While these are for short terms, they do not serve as good storage at home for your timepieces as they do not offer any form of support to the shape of the wristwatch, but only help you keep them and avoid costly repairs.

5. Valet Tray

Though not originally designed to hold watches, they are ideal for holding all kinds of pieces of jewelry, including wristwatches. They fit perfectly in your drawer and make it easy to see the jewelry you need at one glance. Some people also use it to keep their keys, coins, etc. The only problem is they don’t come with a cover. So this works only for a watch you wear often.

6. Stands

They are made to hold the watches in the air and make them hang down. They hold watches on the sides while displaying them in the open so you can choose easily.

If your watch is not of high quality, you’ll be able to use it well. But for luxurious timers, you’ll need to get a storage facility with a lid to protect it from elements such as dust or humidity.

7. Locking

Keeping a costly watch might be a bit difficult but not when you have storage with a lock. It allows you to secure your watch in a storage area that only you or another trusted have access to. Locks can come in different forms and can be protected with keys, thumbprints, and even retina scanners.

8. Lining

To keep the materials of your watches safe while in the box, consider the interior part of the storage facility. Hard surfaces may still be okay but soft silk or lining will better protect your watch from damages and scratches.

Take your time and choose a storage option while considering how your timer will fare if you want to still look their best in years to come.

9. Cushions

Cushions ensure your timer stays in the correct shape while in storage. Allowing your watch to stay flat for a long time will cause it to tear out. Cushions allow them to stay in a neutral position the same way they rest while on your wrist.

10. Faux Leather

If you have a good collection of leather watches and you don’t want to spend much on storage, faux leather might be the perfect option for you. They are great and will preserve your watch from dust or debris that may be in the air in your home.


If you value your wristwatches, pick from the options listed above to secure them in the best way possible. There might be other options you might want to consider like cost, space, etc. The value of your wristwatch should also be a determining factor in choosing a storage option.

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