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Top Five Styles of Gothic Rings 2020

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Top Five Styles of Gothic Rings

Need a cool way to express your personal style? Nothing attracts attention more than audacious Gothic rings. Ranging from feminine and exquisite to spooky and outrageous, Gothic rings cover just about every style out there.

The bold fashion that was once associated exclusively with motorcyclists or rockers is now available for pretty much every person. The fact that it became mainstream doesn’t make Gothic style rings less attractive – it just gives sharp dressers more options. But with so many great models around, choosing only one ring is a daunting task. Since Gothic jewelry absorbed so many styles and trends, let’s first take a closer look at the essence of Gothic. And then, we’ll talk about different styles of men’s Gothic rings.

What are Exactly Gothic Rings?

Unlike many other styles, Gothic rings are never simple. They always incorporate intriguing designs and symbolic meaning (skulls, crosses, animals, etc. are ubiquitous heroes of these bold rings). In addition, they often include polished gems and written messages. Be as it may, everything that comes to Gothic fashion is massive, bold, and daring. While Gothic and the fashion it spurred are centuries-old, their modern rendition is definitely worthy of your attention. It incorporates elements popular hundreds of years ago with trends of today’s world.

Gothic Skull Rings

Skulls are probably the first association you have when hearing the word ‘Gothic’. You can see those deadheads all over Gothic jewelry. A burly ring cast of sterling silver in the form of a skull is both intimidating and enchanting. You have plenty of options to express your love and admiration for this contradictory symbol. Whether you go with a single huge skull or multiple smaller ones arranged in a circle or cluster, you’ll look mysterious and appealing. To add more chic to your appearance, pick rings embellished with red, black, and green gems. They will bring more depth and definition.

Rings Featuring Tribal Patterns

Alright, skulls are not for everybody. If you think that a deadhead will clasp if your personal style, you’ll have many more options to choose from. Take a look at tribal patterns. They provide a nice way to rock gothic style without being too loud and in your face. Tribal patterns are discreet and exotic at the same time, just what you need to step up your style appeal.

When it comes to Gothic, tribal patterns are curvy, flowing, and with a predominance of floral motifs. In those rings, you can see how vine twists around a cross, or like a royal lily weaves between skulls. Thorny plants are also insanely popular in Gothic because they convey the ideas of physical suffering, as well as eco with religious symbols. Therefore, rose hips, thorns, roses, and other prickly plants become a running theme in Gothic.

Animal Rings

Maybe you have a favorite animal that you consider to be your talisman and therefore, you want it to always be with you? Gothic jewelry grants your wish. Whether you enjoy a company of a cat, owl, eagle, bear, tiger, wolf, bat, or even a dragon, Gothic rings have got you covered. The signature of this style is realism, so every detail, whether it is hair, feather, or muzzles, will be executed with great attention to detail.

If you don’t yet have a totem, animal accessories are worth flaunting because of the meanings they convey. For example, a lion ring will speak of your strength, courage, and virility. A cat signifies femininity, cunning, and grace. Not only do these rings enhance your natural traits but also they are able to give you the qualities you lack. For instance, if you aspire for freedom and independence, pick an eagle ring.

Cross Rings

The very first things that are labeled as Gothic are Catholic churches and cathedrals. What do you see in them? That’s right, crosses. No wonder that Gothic, even in its modern state, utilizes this symbol. However, for Gothic enthusiasts, a cross is not exactly something spiritual and religious. More often than not, it is just a cultural symbol attractive due to its recognizable shape and centuries-long history. There are many different types of crosses in Gothic– you can see the most popular Latin cross, as well as Celtic, Jerusalem, Maltese, Greek, and many other variations of the cross. Even Ankh, one of the most popular symbols in Gothic, is a rendition of the Egyptian cross. Read more

Other Symbols

Gothic is contradicting. It is full of love and beauty. At the same time, it is strewn with suffering and death. Hearts, holding hands, flowers, noble knights side by side with daggers, swords, skeletons, demons, etc. Maybe that’s why we love Gothic so much – it is not like everything else. It is often provocative and outrageous, and often gorgeous, feminine, and exquisite. Gothic can take every symbol in popular culture and show it in a totally different light. Have you ever seen the original Darth Vader or Jack Sparrow rings? Those can be Gothic, too. It is because this style is so diverse that antique and medieval designs are as common as cyberpunk and steampunk ones.

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