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How to get Shiny zeraora in Pokémon sword and shield?

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How to get Shiny zeraora in Pokémon sword and shield?

Pokemon Sword & Shield players have unlocked the ability to collect their Shiny Zeraora. This guide will help players build it for their team. In Pokemon Sword & Shield, players have unlocked the ability to have their own Shiny Zeraora. This guide will help players build their own. Pokemon Sword & Shield recently released the first half of its Island of Armor expansion pass.

Armor Island had a new wilderness to explore, over 100 old Pokémon, and a new Legendary Pokémon to catch. To celebrate the release of the Island of Armor, the Pokemon Company held an event to unlock a special Shiny Zeraora in-game. Over 1 million players had to defeat Zeraora in the Max Raid battle for every coach to have a chance to collect the shiny one. Luckily, the players have done it and glitter is available. Here’s how players can claim it.

Zeraora is a Pokémon that was introduced in the seventh generation of Pokémon. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon introduced this Pokemon as the last Pokedex Pokemon up to this point. It is also one of the rarest Pokémon in the world. The only way players could previously find this Pokemon was through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as part of a time-limited event. When the event is over, the only way to get this Pokémon is by hacking the game. This is the first time a player has been able to catch this Pokemon since the event, and it has its shiny shape. This is how players can get shiny Zeraora. Read more

How to get a shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

The trainer will need to send Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield to Pokemon Home, or vice versa, from June 17 to July 6. For this, the player also does not need to pay for a paid subscription. After that, open Pokemon Home on your mobile device and press the Menu button on the home screen. Here, select the Mysterious Gifts options, then select Gift Box. Select the very last crate to collect the Shiny Zeraora. It will be level 100 and fully compatible with Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Home is the ultimate Pokedex experience. The player is given the opportunity to place thousands of Pokémon in a safe place. Especially for trainers who have Pokémon for generations, they will want to make sure these Pokémon are safe. In addition, Pokemon Home provides the trainer with special Pokemon through events. Conveniently, the application is available for mobile devices as well. The shiny zeraora will go well with any sneaker collection.

Convert Zeraor to Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield

To play with your awesome new pocket monster, you’ll need to return to the Pokémon HOME app on Nintendo Switch. Remember to close the app on your mobile-first, because it is not possible to launch the app on both of your devices at the same time with the same account.

Once you are on the menu, follow the next few steps to finally enjoy this fabulous in all its glory.

  • Take the Pokemon Menu
  • Choose your version (sword or shield)
  • Find the shining Zeraorain the Pokémon HOME boxes
  • Move it to the box with your version of the game.
  • Save and exit

Now you just need to take a walk with your new companion.

How good is ZERAORA at Sword and Shield Pokémon?

If you’ve played Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you might know Zeraora as an unattainable, hairpin-like Pokémon that only raised its head during events. Shiny Zeraora is a mythical electric-type Pokémon that boasts the tenth highest speed of any Pokémon, sitting at 143 speeds. Simply put, they are very fast. Whatever your setup, Zeraora will be an indispensable companion for your party.

In addition, shiny Zeraora has enviable offensive abilities: 112 attacks and 102 special attacks. He can be the perfect vanguard for your competitive team, leading the charge to quickly defeat enemies. Zeraora’s move pool is varied enough to play many roles for your team. Ideally, you will teach Electrical Voltage Switch at level 32, then Plasma Fists at Level 88, and finally Melee at Level 96. Use TR77 to teach them the Grass Node as well. With all four tracks, you’ve prepared Zeraora perfect for any team.

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