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Internet’s choice for UK’s next PM after Boris Johnson resigns

by Julia

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigning, the UK needs an interim leader. The Internet’s choice thinks that Larry the Cat could do the job. Canada’s largest internet and mobile provider has suffered a major outage, with bank ATMs and emergency service hotlines affected. Government operations have also been affected by the Rogers Communications problem. The company says it is working quickly to resolve the issue nationwide. “We know how important it is for our customers to stay connected,” the company said in a statement.

It is not known what caused the blackout, which is the second in 15 months. It started around 04:30 ET (08:30 GMT). Internet traffic had dropped to about 75% of its normal level by Friday morning, according to NetBlocks, an Internet’s choice watchdog organization. Rogers is the mobile phone operator for nearly 11 million Canadians, with a stake in everything from hockey to cable TV. Videos circulating on social media show Larry wandering around 10 Downing Street in London waiting outside the door of the Prime Minister’s office. One of the BBC videos shows a reporter covering Downing Street just before Johnson’s statement to the media. The cameraman zooms in on the cat. “Are you asking him to give up on Larry?” a man is heard screaming.  ”

I think we should vote for Larry as PM. He would do a better job than any Tory…” Very soon, Larry the Cat also joined Twitter. The account hilariously covers the political crisis in the UK. “I am willing to serve as interim PM because that is frankly less ridiculous about Internet’s choice than the idea of ​​Boris Johnson staying another minute,” Larry said in a tweet. As the nation awaited the announcement, Larry wrote: “If Boris Johnson hasn’t resigned by 10am I’ll be forced to shit on his shoes.”

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