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Get Yourself a Duvet for The Best Bedroom Vibes!

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Get Yourself a Duvet for The Best Bedroom Vibes!

Proper maintenance and security are necessary to ensure the durability of your down comforter. What you need is perfect duvet protection to shield the bedding and safeguard it from damage. These cases look like a giant pillowcase and basically play the equivalent role for duvets. Using them can offer you several advantages, some of which are discussed hereinafter.

Replacing up your bedroom decoration is as easy as changing to a new duvet sheet. These are available in a wide range of shades and materials. Duvet covers can allow you to explore different themes and color palettes that give your bedroom a new look every now and then.

Keeping and washing duvet covers is much easier than cleaning a comforter at home. Unless stated otherwise in the care instructions, comforters regularly have to be dry cleaned. This can result in high maintenance expenses for the months you handle your comforter. In distinction, the duvet comes off easily and can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

One of the reasons we have been able to pass comforters on to the next generation is the encasement of the comforters in duvet covers. Such simple protection makes the shell of the comforter last longer. A traditional European bed sheet set includes a duvet cover instead of a flat sheet. In the US, the sheet choices are rather unusual. They are not designed to protect comforters.

An American bed sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases. It does not include a duvet cover! In order to have a complete bed sheet set that can protect your comforter, you have to buy two sets of linens and end up with extra pillowcases and a useless flat sheet.  High-quality down comforters are excellent investments that can last for years to come. However, that is only possible if you take steps to protect them from dirt and stains. Keeping them enclosed inside a duvet cover adds an extra layer of protection and prevents your comforter from getting damaged. The outer covering is also helpful in containing the down fill in case your comforter’s seams come loose.

Comforters without covers get exposed to body oil, makeup, dust, pet hair, and often drinks and food. Some sleepers attempt to protect their comforters with a flat sheet, but it will never offer the same protection as a duvet cover. A flat sheet may briefly cover one side of your comforter, but it will always slip off because it is not anchored to the comforter. On the other hand, a duvet cover will protect your whole comforter and stay put because zippers, buttons, or ties keep it closed with the comforter fully enveloped inside of it.

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