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Drug Transporting and the Role of Criminal Lawyer

by James
Drug Transporting and the Role of Criminal Lawyer

The government of the UAE has made some rules and regulations to maintain discipline within the country. With the increase in economy and development, the crime rate is also escalating. To control the crimes, the government has set extreme penalties by following Shariah law.

To help people who are facing charges against any criminal law, lawyers in Sharjah are offering their services in other states as well, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, etc. People often find themselves in the investigation of drug crimes.

Drug Transporting

The UAE ministry has developed some laws against carrying and moving drugs from one place to another illegally. These laws are specifically designed to give punishments to the offenders. Drug transportation is a process of illegal transporting of drugs.

Controlled substances are transported from one place to another by different means of transportation such as automobiles, ships, airplanes, and trains, etc. Legal lawyers will help their clients in case of representation by providing full support in different areas of criminal matters.

Punishments against drug transporting

The UAE government has made numerous punishments for drug trafficking crimes. These penalties are entirely based on the intensity and type of crime. For example, the total amount of drug is transported to which geographical area, etc. They may face imprisonment or fines etc.

People who are transporting drugs from other countries to the UAE will face extreme punishments. In some situations, people are innocent, but someone has set them up to save themselves, so they need a criminal lawyer in Sharjah to fight for their case.

  • Role of lawyers in providing protection

A person will face serious penalties against his deeds no matter if he is innocent, a professional criminal, or attempted a first-ever crime. The criminal offense of drug trafficking also indulges a person in other violent crimes, often ends up in the assassination.

The UAE is extremely harsh on people who attempted any crime. If a person is accused of a crime like drug transportation, etc., lawyers will be proven a good choice. They are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge about the laws associated with crimes.


Criminal lawyers in Sharjah will review and assess the case with their clients first and then develop a strategy to fight for freedom. By hiring a lawyer, the chances for the successful winning of a case will drastically escalate.


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