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Best Nurse Watches for daily basis use in clinics

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Best Nurse Watches for daily basis use in clinics

It is quite common to see nurses wearing watches, especially pocket watches. Pocket watches are such timepieces that clip into the pocket of a nurse’s uniform or scrub, with the face turned upside down, meaning only the wearer can tell the time. You may be wondering why nurses don’t wear regular wristwatches, the main reason is obviously hygiene. An ordinary watch can carry germs with it, which can be dangerous during nursing duties on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of nurse watches.

Because the wristwatches are so close to your hands, it is easier for bacteria and viruses to be caught and transmitted. Pocket watches avoid this since they don’t come into contact with anything other than the shirt they’re hooked to. Also, the watch doesn’t need to be handled to tell the time, which is the main reason the dial is upside down. Historically, pocket watches were an essential part of a nurse’s uniform, but nowadays they are optional, every nurse can use it according to their taste and choice.

Types of nurse watches:

For those who know of a watchless nurse or perhaps a nurse trainee, you want to buy a gift for, then we have a selection of pocket watches from brands such as Rotary, nurse watch rainbow silicon, and Radley. The beauty of wearing a watch to work is not only for appropriate timekeeping, it also helps to give a sense of individuality to the nurse’s uniform. Here is our advice on nursing watches.

Nurse watch rainbow silicon collection:

This nurse watch is best for infection control and prevention of bacteria. These types of watches are suitable for the nurses and for other staff of the clinic for safety measurements. Let’s discuss some features of this watch that can be attractive for every nurse. Read more


Easy to clean: These watches are very easy to clean and have a lockable brooch pin. Now you can clip these watches in any style of pocket. Nurses mostly use these watches.

Affordable: Our Nurse Watches are affordable Pocket & Fob Watches.

Eco-friendly: They are eco-friendly, and batteries are included in all watches. You just need to set your time and click the watch into place to start working.

Bright and Lightweight: These watches are lightweight and also have a compact design. They are bendy, and bright fob watches for nurses.

Batteries included in all watches: These watches come with an extra one pc backup battery, which you can use for replacing the one inside.

Easy to Carry: Our Nurse Watches come with soft material and a security pin that keeps it properly attached to the Stethoscope/Pocket.


These watches are made of high-class material for hygiene use in hospitals and medical centers. These watches cannot be used during swimming, diving, bathing and such type of activities.

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