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5 Best Text Sheet Alternatives 2020

by Eric
5 Best Text Sheet Alternatives 2020

What is Textsheet?

In the era of the global village there are many online websites that provide online education and gives a platform for the students to get an education, Textsheet.com was one of them and most visited websites and people liked this website for asked questions and answer. The text sheet provided the platform to the students to ask his queries on the website ask bar or search bar and then the best tutor gave the answer. And mostly these websites work on the protocol of Application program interface (API) and now we talk about another task did by these websites are mostly students take help to University projects and Assignments, College projects and homework, etc.

But we share with you bad news Textsheet.com was banned due to copyright issues but we have discussed here alternative of this website, we know that Textsheet.com gave an answer to the question through Chegg API and after banned textsheet.com another text sheet alternative enter in Online market so who doing his work some of those free some are paid but overall these websites solve academic students issues. Read more

Why did Textsheet services stop?

Text sheet website was an online educational platform, this website face copyright issue

because of had abundant of educational material, this website banned and show a notice by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), The DMCA send notice to delete Sultron’s Github account and remove data of Chegg employee. This is important to know who claimed the copyright issue, Chegg was the website claimed copyright, and after banned Chegg and other websites continue his services.

Alternative of Textsheet website

After banned Textsheet, most websites start online free and paid services for students and now discuss the most famous and beneficial websites.

  • Slader

Slader application of android or iOS are easily available and easy to access, this website one of the best sites that provide college-level, School level, courses of Math, English, Physics, Computer science…Slader has a Large database who available 24 hours.

  • Course Hero

Course Hero is the topmost educational site that has 30 million accounts, students can take information about major subjects just like, English literature, Math, Computer science, and other courses are available in Videos, and sample tests, and other study materials, this login cost is $9.95 dollars.

  • Chegg

Chegg is the most using site and favorite site in the USA, Chegg is the website that responsible for banned Textsheet.com, and now this site has an eBooks, and full courses of major subjects who available 90 percent discount, this site giving an opportunity to the new login 1 week for free, Chegg login fee $15 every month.

  • Paper Help

Paper Help is the totally different site from Textsheet.com because this site design, especially by P.H.D students, This site, has a large database of the research paper, and guidance about writing a research paper, and Thesis, and Articles, This site system work different from other sites because in this site user write requirement and time and system calculates automatically cost.

  • Crazy for Study

Crazy for study site basically a site for primary education, Over 50 million Books available on this site. This site is most famous in Australia.


We talk about in this Article Online education and online sites are available for students, who give the answer to the students, and these sites have a plentiful database about education material. By the Changing of times, these sites are beneficial for every age and every level of students.

I hope you people are clear about the text sheet alternatives. We’ll keep you up to date with all kinds of useful alternatives and news about famous applications. Thanks for reading.




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