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5 Amazing Advantages of Home Lifts

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5 Amazing Advantages of Home Lifts

Does a residential lift seem like a luxury item? The average Australian home is now the largest in the world, according to Adviser Voice. Besides expanding your home, another option is to add features like lifts. While they can provide more mobility from the ground floor to higher floors and back, there are several possible benefits of home lifts. Some of them might be surprising for homeowners considering this home improvement. In this article, we will discuss the 5 amazing advantages of home lifts.

Physically Challenged

Statistics show that nearly 20% of Australians have a disability, according to the Australian government. This number includes those with mobility issues that could benefit from residential lifts. While the elderly are more likely to have these health conditions, household members of any age can have mobility problems.

A lift allows family members to continue their daily lives on the home’s different stories. For example, they can move up to the upper floors, or down to the ground floor for work, recreation, and relaxation.

Lifts can also accommodate household members in wheelchairs. The lift supports the wheelchair so family members won’t have to transfer to the lift from their wheelchair, then back to the rolling chair. This provides a major benefit since it will require less time and effort for the wheelchair user.

Elderly and Young    

Both senior members and young children in your household can use lifts effectively. For example, elderly members might have vision or mobility issues that make it unsafe for them to climb and descend stairs. Even if the stairs have carpeting, this could create a health risk, so carpeting stairs won’t automatically end stair accidents.

Falls are quite common among seniors. In fact, studies show that around 30% of Australians 65+ years old fall at least once every year, according to the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society. Many of these falls happen on stairs, which is why installing a lift is a practical option. Read more about Beautiful Wall Mirror Decor 2021

Young children who are too young to take stairs can also benefit from lifts. Residential lifts can also help to keep them safe by preventing them from trying to crawl or walk upstairs. You can have peace of mind that your little one can safely move up or down your home’s stories by pressing a button. This is another way you can help to keep your family safe and lower the risk of injury.

Moving Heavy Loads

This can include different types of items like shopping bags, cleaning supplies, and so on. It can be challenging and even dangerous when transporting heavy items up and down your home’s stories. The process is easier and safer by using an elevator to move items this way.

It’s especially helpful if you have issues like back problems. In such cases, you could risk an injury by lifting heavy weights and transferring them to the home’s top story, for example.


One option when installing lifts is to add them to the home’s exterior. This saves space that would normally be used for installing indoor lifts. Another benefit of this option is you can create a private portal to your office or library, for example.

Resale Value

Today more home shoppers are looking for extras like lifts and elevators. Industry experts reveal that home elevators can increase a home’s resale value by 10% or more, according to The Motley Fool. However, the personal value is priceless.

Today, home lifts aren’t just for the rich and famous. You can experience benefits like improved mobility, space-saving, and resale value. You’ll just need to find the best lift from the right company.

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